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Po Box 831
Kotzebue, AK 99752

Sponsor a Dog

Become a part of Team Baker in a very fun and very real way!  By sponsoring a select dog you can follow your dog throughout the race year and really cheer him/her on.  You will be mailed a photograph of your dog along with other select goodies!   Each dog will only have one sponsor for each race season so you will have a special relationship with your dog.



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Stay tuned for the puppies of 2015!  With 5 liters of puppies on the way there will be loads of great photos and opportunities to follow your dog throughout the year.   You can either sponsor a single puppy or an entire litter.  If you sponsor a litter you can be involved with picking their names!  All sponsors will receive a photo of their puppy/puppies along with other goodies!   

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