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Po Box 831
Kotzebue, AK 99752

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Motivational Speaking

“Dream Try Win” is Baker’s motto.

15 years of running the Iditarod, 15 years of dealing with the disappointment. It would have been easy to quit; but to finish, you have to keep trying.

Baker’s identity is linked to the people who reside in rural Alaska who he says have given him so much support”. John is purposeful about giving back to the people, and he is always eager to share his life experiences – especially with the youth. When Baker visits with young people he emphasizes the importance of having a dream; setting goals to pursue what is desired; and taking action to make the dream a reality. John Baker’s story is about one who has faced a variety of challenges while staying focused and he encourages young people to believe in themselves and to “never, never give up”.

Keynote Speaker

Baker knows firsthand what can happen when a team works together and says: “If we are to learn anything from a dog team it is the need to pull together.” He describes how leaders can influence the entire team, and the impact individuals can have to move a team to forward.

Team Baker is always looking forward, and instead of getting stuck, Baker believes it’s important to learn from one’s mistakes. If the goals for the team were not achieved in a given year Baker analyzes what went wrong, focuses on not repeating the same mistake, and then trains for the next opportunity to put his team in a winning position.